Tool Brushes

These brushes do not use Performers

The Ruler Brush

/b r: The Ruler Brush allows a sniper to use a snipe with the Arrow and a snipe with Gunpowder to define two points. VS will then print measurements in the change in X, Y and Z, along with a Euclidean distance.

The Painting Picker Brush

/b paint: The Painting Picker Brush allows a sniper to use the Arrow and Gunpowder to cycle through available painting styles until the desired painting is reached.

You must be within arm's length of the painting to use your tools in this fashion.

Any player (not just snipers!) may access this function by targeting a painting with arm's reach and using the /paint (0-24) command.

The Volt-Meter Brush

/b volt: The Volt-Meter Brush allows a sniper to use the Arrow and Gunpowder to get redstone power distance/information

  • Right-click with your arrow to get current flow (six directional) information.

  • Right-click with your gunpowder to get a voltage reading. The readout will tell you the number of remaining blocks before the line will require a repeater.

Load Chunk Tool

/vchunk (for non-snipers)

Cue the angelic choir! No longer will you have to relog every time you suffer a chunk error due to random Notch code or because of teleport glitches. Snipers can now instantly fix any chunk in their view radius with a simple click. Non-snipers can also fix the chunk in which they are standing with a typed command. It's just that simple!

Eraser Brush

/b erase

Ever want to kill a build but didn't want to have to fix the land afterwards? The eraser brush deletes all blocks except sand, stone, dirt, grass, sandstone and gravel. The landscape remains more or less intact! If you want to ignore water as well, simply use the powder brush instead of the arrow brush.

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