FAWE has brush tools that allow you to build and draw from far away. When you enable a brush, it gets bound to your currently held item. You can have different tools bound to different items and up to two brushes bound to a single item.

Equipping a brush

  • Bind to any click: /br <brush>

  • Equip it to right click: /br primary <brush>

  • Equip in to left click: /br secondary <brush>

Changing brush settings

  • /mat <pattern> - Patterns decide what is placed

  • /mask <mask> - A destination mask decides if a block should be changed

  • /smask <mask> - A source mask changes if a block can be placed

  • /targetmask <mask> - What blocks are targeted by the brush. The default mask is !air

  • /transform <transform> - A transform changes where the blocks are placed

  • /range <range> - The distance you can use the brush at

  • /size <size> - The size of the brush (e.g. radius 10 sphere)

  • /none - Unbind tool + Use the -h flag to change the settings for your offhand brush.

Change brush targeting

You can change the target mode to assist building in different areas (air, walls, ground etc.) Changing the //brush range can also be useful. + /br target <0-3>

  • 0 = Target block

  • 1 = Target point directly ahead, distance depends on pitch

  • 2 = Target point, distance depends on height from ground

  • 3 = Target block face

Add brush actions

Use the mouse wheel to change brush behavior

  • /br scroll clipboard <file|folder|asset url>

  • /br scroll mask <mask1> <mask2...>

  • /br scroll pattern <mat1> <mat2...>

  • /br scroll range

  • /br scroll size

  • /br scroll target

Resetting a brush

Crouch (shift) and click to reset a brush. + This will for example, clear the clipboard of the copypaste brush, and reset the points in the spline brush.

Visualize the brush (Currently not implemented)

With FAWE you can visualize how the brush will change blocks: /br vis <0-2>

  • 0 = No visualization

  • 1 = Single point

  • 2 = All block changes are visualized


For a list of brushes, visit the command page.

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