Initial Setup

  • Put "FastAsyncWorldEdit.jar" into your plugins folder

  • Reboot the server and FAWE will generate all necessary files.

Make sure your server has been launched with Java 17.

Do not install WorldEdit! FAWE is a direct replacement.

Third Party Plugin Support

Region Restrictions Systems

The following region restriction plugins are supported natively by us. Other third party plugins may not be listed:

This can be disabled in the config or bypassed with the /wea command or the fawe.bypass permission.

Other Plugins

We also offer an asynchronous version of VoxelSniper that follows the restriction of FAWE: FastAsyncVoxelSniper

Logging and Rollback

Enable use-disk and use-database in the config.yml to use the in built FAWE logging / rollback.

It is safe to give normal players access to FAWE rollback. To bypass logging use //fast.

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