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A transformation can be applied to a brush or globally to modify where and how blocks are changed.


Multiple transforms

Use a comma (,) to randomly use a transform from a list e.g. #offset[0][1][0],#pattern[stone] (offset the block one up, OR change it to stone)

Use an ampersand (&) to use multiple transforms for each block e.g. #offset[0][1][0]&#pattern[stone] (offset the block one up AND change it to stone)


Transform arguments should be inside square brackets e.g. #offset[0][1][0]

Setting a transform

Perm: Desc: Set the global mask

Perm: worldedit.brush.options.transform Desc: Set the brush mask (separate multiple masks by spaces ` ` or colons :)

Transform List

#offset <dx> <dy> <dz> [transform]

Desc: Offset transform

#rotate <rotateX> <rotateY> <rotateZ> [transform]

Desc: All changes will be rotated around the initial position

#scale <dx> <dy> <dz> [transform]

Desc: All changes will be scaled

#pattern <pattern> [transform]

Desc: Always use a specific pattern

#linear3d <transform>

Desc: Use the x,y,z coordinate to pick a transform from the list

#linear <transform>

Desc: Sequentially pick from a list of transform

#spread <dx> <dy> <dz> [transform]

Desc: Random offset transform

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