Info: For command related permissions: see here

Admin permissions

  • fawe.admin (allow bypassing through /wea command)

  • fawe.bypass (automatically bypass WorldEdit restrictions and limits)

  • worldedit.anyblock (bypass disallowed-blocks in the worldedit-config.yml)

  • worldedit.inventory.unrestricted (bypass inventory restrictions if those are enabled)

User permissions:

  • fawe.limit.<limitgroup> (Grants the user the specific group of limits. With the limitgroup unlimited all limits are infinite.)

  • fawe.permpack.basic (A bunch of worldedit perms which are okay to use on a creative server)

  • worldedit.navigation.jumpto.tool (Access to the jumpto wand)

  • worldedit.navigation.thru.tool (Access to the thru wand)

Region permissions:

FAWE by default is restricted to regions, this is useful for servers wanting to give ordinary players access to WorldEdit. To enable region restrictions, set config setting region-restrictions true, and give players the appropriate region permission. If you want an admin to be able to WorldEdit anywhere using //wea command, give them the fawe.admin permission.

  • fawe.plotsquared - Allow PlotSquared owners (+/plot setowner ...+) and trusted (+/plot trust ...+) to use WorldEdit. NOTE: This permission is activated by default in the plugin.yml ! For a permission override it is advised to use this permission instead of the child fawe.plotsquared.trusted because of a higher prioritization.

  • fawe.plotsquared.member - Allows PlotSquared members (+/plot add ...+) to use WorldEdit.

  • fawe.plotsquared.admin - Allows WorldEdit in any PlotSquared plots (but not on roads).

  • fawe.griefprevention

  • fawe.plotme

  • fawe.towny

  • fawe.towny.member

  • fawe.towny.*

  • fawe.worldguard - Allow WorldGuard region owners (+/rg addowner ...+) to use WorldEdit.

  • fawe.worldguard.member - Allow WorldGuard region members (+/rg addmember ...+) to use WorldEdit.

  • fawe.worldguardextraflags - If you’ve installed WorldGuard Extra Flags this permission is also used.

Extended WorldEdit permissions:

  • worldedit.schematic.load.other (allow loading of schematics in the main schematics folder via ../ when per-player-schematics are enabled)

  • (allow saving of schematics in the main schematics folder via ../ when per-player-schematics are enabled)

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