Info: For command related permissions, see here.

Admin permissions

  • fawe.admin (allow bypassing through /wea command)

  • fawe.bypass (automatically bypass worldedit restrictions)

  • worldedit.anyblock (bypass worldedit's disallowed-blocks)

  • worldedit.inventory.unrestricted (bypass inventory restrictions if those are enabled)

User permissions

  • fawe.limit.<limitgroup> (Grants the user the specific group of limits.)

  • fawe.permpack.basic (A bunch of worldedit perms which are okay to use on a creative server)

  • worldedit.navigation.jumpto.tool (Access to the jumpto wand)

  • worldedit.navigation.thru.tool (Access to the thru wand)

Region permissions

FAWE by default is restricted to regions, this is useful for servers wanting to give ordinary players access to WorldEdit. To enable region restrictions, set config setting region-restrictions true, and give players the appropriate region permission. If you want an admin to be able to WorldEdit anywhere using //wea command, give them the fawe.admin permission.

  • fawe.plotsquared - Allow PlotSquared owners (+/plot setowner ...+) and trusted (+/plot trust ...+) to use WorldEdit. NOTE: This permission is activated by default in the plugin.yml ! For a permission override it is advised to use this permission instead of the child fawe.plotsquared.trusted because of a higher prioritization.

  • fawe.plotsquared.member - Allows PlotSquared members (+/plot add ...+) to use WorldEdit.

  • fawe.plotsquared.admin - Allows WorldEdit in any PlotSquared plots (but not on roads).

  • fawe.griefprevention

  • fawe.plotme

  • fawe.towny

  • fawe.towny.member

  • fawe.towny.*

  • fawe.worldguard - Allow WorldGuard region owners (+/rg addowner ...+) to use WorldEdit.

  • fawe.worldguard.member - Allow WorldGuard region members (+/rg addmember ...+) to use WorldEdit.

  • fawe.worldguardextraflags - If you've installed WorldGuard Extra Flags this permission is also used.

Extended WorldEdit permissions

  • worldedit.schematic.load.other (allow loading of schematics in the main schematics folder via ../ when per-player-schematics are enabled)

  • (allow saving of schematics in the main schematics folder via ../ when per-player-schematics are enabled)

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