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Event API


PlotSquared uses the Guava EventBus to register listeners and dispatch events.

Event List

Check the Javadoc of PlotSquared events.

Getting an instance

import org.bukkit.Bukkit;
public class MyPlotPlugin extends JavaPlugin {
public static MyPlotPlugin THIS;
public void onEnable() {
MyPlotPlugin.THIS = this;
if (Bukkit.getPluginManager().getPlugin("PlotSquared") != null) {
// Do something

Registering a Listener

Registering a listener is super easy. Add the @Subscribe (from the package) annotation to any methods that are listening to events, register the class with the EventBus through PlotAPI#registerListener(Class) and you're done! One example:
public class P2Listener {
// if you like the dependency-injection-like approach:
public P2Listener(PlotAPI api) {
// less OOP, but if you want to make things easy:
public P2Listener() {
PlotAPI api = new PlotAPI();
// A method handling a PlayerEnterPlotEvent
public void onPlayerEnterPlot(PlayerEnterPlotEvent e) {
//do stuff