Plot Schematic on Claim


With PlotSquared you can generate a predefined plot-schematic when a player gets a new plot (/plot claim, /plot auto, ...).

The plot-schematics only affect the plot itself. For instructions on how to set up road-schematics for the plotworld, see the article Plotworld Road Schematic.


To have a schematic pasted on a plot when the plot is claimed you need to:

  1. Build in a plot. If you want an external schematic, then use WorldEdit to paste it in the plot (Tutorial).

  2. Use /plot schematic save to save the schematic. You can find a list of saved schematics by using /plot schematic list

Now you have a working schematic file. To have it paste on claim you'll need to configure your worlds.yml, here is a simple snippet explaining how to do that.

# The following is a slice from the plotworld settings, change this for each plotworld
    # File name (without .schem)
           - "<schematic name>"
        # If you want it on claim
        on_claim: true

and in settings.yml, add/update the following:

# Schematic Settings
  # Whether schematic based generation should paste schematic on top of plots, or from Y=1
  paste-on-top: false

You can use the same schematic for more than one plotworld.

If you activated the specify_on_claim option in the worlds.yml the user can define a plot-schematic with the claim-command.

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