Block Buckets


Block buckets allow you to specify however many blocks you want, for every component of a plot. You can specify the block weight, which will determine how likely the block is to be picked from the bucket.

  • stone,grass_block,cobblestone,sandstone will automatically infer that there should be 25% of each of the four blocks

  • stone:50,grass_block:30,sandstone:20 will use 50% of stone, 30% of grass_block and 20% of sandstone.


Blocks can be in the format namespace:block[property1=value1,property2=value2] (The properties and namespace are optional, and grass_block will resolve to minecraft:grass_block[snowy=false]. More info)

Complex patterns are also accepted:

Disallowed Blocks

To restrict what blocks are allowed for the patterns, configure the disallowed-blocks list in plugins/WorldEdit/config.yml, or plugins/FastAsyncWorldEdit/worldedit-config.yml

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