WorldEdit & FastAsyncWorldEdit features

If you want to make other aspects of WorldEdit async as well, you could consider installing FasAsyncWorldEdit. All permissions to allow FAWE in plots, you can find here.

PlotSquared offers several options related to WorldEdit. By default, it will do the following if you don't have the bypass permission:

  • Restrict WorldEdit to plots

  • Block access to potentially harmful WorldEdit commands

  • Limits the max iterations with several brushes so people can't crash the server

  • Limits the max volume to 50 million

The bypass permission is plots.worldedit.bypass, the use /plot toggle worldedit.

To further extend this, PlotSquared comes with a WE processor you can enable:

  • Limits max block states and entities with editing (enable chunk-processor)

  • Faster and async WorldEdit changes (enable experimental-fast-async-worldedit) (bypass this with /plot toggle worldedit)

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