Plot Schematic on Generation


PlotSquared allows to place a predefined schematic in each plot when generating the world.

The plot-schematics only affect the plot itself. For instructions on how to set up road-schematics for the plotworld, see the article Plotworld Road Schematic.



In order to have a plotworld generate with schematics do the following:

  1. Create a plot schematic with /plot schematic save

  2. Move the created schematic from /plugins/PlotSquared/schematics/ to /plugins/PlotSquared/schematics/GEN_ROAD_SCHEMATIC/<world name>/ and rename it to plot.schematic/plot.schem (depending on the file extension of the schematic file you're moving)

  3. In settings.yml, add/update the following:

# Schematic Settings
  # Whether schematic based generation should paste schematic on top of plots, or from Y=1
  paste-on-top: false

The world will now generate using the schematic.

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