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General Settings


This is the main settings file for PlotSquared.
Located in: /plugins/PlotSquared/config/settings.yml


# This value is not configurable. It shows the platform you are using.
platform: "Bukkit"
# Show additional information in console. It helps us at IntellectualSites to find out more about an issue.
# Leave it off if you don't need it, it can spam your console.
debug: true
# Redstone related settings
# Disable redstone in unoccupied plots
disable-unoccupied: false
# Disable redstone when all owners/trusted/members are offline
disable-offline: false
# Detect and cancel invalid pistons on the edge of plots (e.g. placed with WorldEdit)
detect-invalid-edge-pistons: false
# UUID settings
# DO NOT EDIT them unless you know what you are doing.
# Force using offline UUIDs (it usually detects the right mode)
offline: false
# Force using lowercase UUIDs
force-lowercase: false
# How many UUIDs that may be stored in the cache
uuid-cache-size: 100000
# Rate limit (per 10 minutes) for background UUID fetching from the Mojang API
background-limit: 200
# Whether the Mojang API service is enabled for impromptu api calls. If false only the Background task will use http requests to fill the UUID cache (requires restart)
impromptu-service-mojang-api: true
# Rate limit (per 10 minutes) for random UUID fetching from the Mojang API
impromptu-limit: 300
# Timeout (in milliseconds) for non-blocking UUID requests (mostly commands)
non-blocking-timeout: 3000
# Timeout (in milliseconds) for blocking UUID requests (events)
blocking-timeout: 10
# Whether or not PlotSquared should read from the legacy database
legacy-database-support: true
# Whether or not PlotSquared should return Unknown if it fails to fulfill a request
unknown-as-default: true
# Whether or not automatic background caching should be enabled. It is HIGHLY recommended to keep this turned on. This should only be disabled if the server has a very large number of plots (>100k)
background-caching-enabled: true
# Whether the PaperMC service is enabled
service-paper: true
# Whether the LuckPerms service is enabled
service-luckperms: true
# Whether the Bukkit service is enabled
service-bukkit: true
# Whether the EssentialsX service is enabled
service-essentialsx: true
# Enable or disable parts of the plugin
# Note: A cache will use some memory if enabled
# The database stores all the plots
database: true
# Events are needed to track a lot of things
events: true
# Commands are used to interact with the plugin
commands: true
# Whether we should notify you about updates or not.
update-notifications: true
# Stores user metadata in a database
persistent-meta: true
# Getting a rating won't need the database
rating-cache: true
# Allow WorldEdit to be restricted to plots
worldedit-restrictions: true
# Allow economy to be used to sell, claim or buy plots.
economy: false
# Expiry will clear old or simplistic plots
plot-expiry: false
# Processes chunks (trimming, or entity/tile limits)
chunk-processor: false
# Kill mobs on roads (Chicken, Cow, etc.)
kill-road-mobs: false
# Also kill any road mobs that are being ridden, or are leashed
kill-owned-road-mobs: false
# Also kill any road mobs that are named
kill-named-road-mobs: false
# Kill items on roads (Stick, Paper, etc.)
kill-road-items: false
# Kill vehicles on roads (Boat, Minecart, etc.)
kill-road-vehicles: false
# Notify a player of any missed plot comments upon plot entry
comment-notifier: true
# Let players claim entire worlds with PlotSquared
worlds: false
# Actively purge invalid database entries
database-purger: false
# Delete plots when a player is banned.
# Note: This only works with the /minecraft:ban command. Any punishment plugin is not supported.
ban-deleter: false
# Allows PlaceholderAPI placeholders to be used in captions, flags, etc.
external-placeholders: true
# Make road regeneration persistent across restarts
persistent-road-regen: true
# Enable the `/plot component` preset GUI
# Read more about components here:
component-presets: true
# Enable per user locale
per-user-locale: false
# The default locale. Before changing the language, make sure you downloaded the appropriate file and put it in the 'lang' folder.
# You can find additional translations here:
default-locale: "en"
# Use UUID cache to complete usernames
extended-username-completion: true
# Command aliases that will be tab completed
- "plot"
- "plots"
- "p"
- "plotsquared"
- "plot2"
- "p2"
- "ps"
- "2"
- "plotme"
- "plotz"
- "ap"
# Whether PlotSquared should hook into MvDWPlaceholderAPI or not
use-mvdwapi: true
# Prevent cross plot beacon effects
disable-beacon-effect-overflow: true
# This is an auto clearing task called `task1`
threshold: -1
required-plots: -1
confirmation: true
days: 90
skip-account-age-days: -1
# True, if a plot should be deleted if the plot owner is unknown to the server
delete-if-owner-is-unknown: false
- "*"
# See: for a description of each value.
variety: 0
variety-sd: 0
changes: 0
changes-sd: 1
faces: 0
faces-sd: 0
data-sd: 0
air: 0
air-sd: 0
data: 0
# Miscellaneous settings
# Require a plot marked as done to download (/plot download)
required-for-download: false
# Only plots marked as done can be rated
required-for-ratings: false
# Restrict building when a plot is marked as done
restrict-building: false
# The limit being how many plots a player can claim
counts-towards-limit: true
# Configure the paths that will be used
schematics: "schematics"
templates: "templates"
# Schematic interface related settings
# The web interface for schematics
# - All schematics are anonymous and private
# - Downloads can be deleted by the user
# - Supports plot uploads, downloads and saves
url: ""
# Whether or not the legacy web interface will be used for /plot download and /plot save
# Note that this will be removed in future versions. Updating to Arkitektonika is highly suggested
legacy-webinterface: false
# Rating related settings
# Replace the rating system with a like system. Will add /plot like/dislike, and remove the rating command
use-likes: false
# Rating categories
categories: []
# The blocks to use for the rating GUI if categories are set above
block-0: "brown_wool"
block-1: "red_wool"
block-2: "orange_wool"
block-3: "yellow_wool"
block-4: "lime_wool"
block-5: "cyan_wool"
block-6: "blue_wool"
block-7: "purple_wool"
block-8: "magenta_wool"
# Teleportation related settings
# Teleport to your plot on death
on-death: false
# Teleport to your plot on login
on-login: false
# Teleport to your plot on claim (/plot claim)
on-claim: true
# Teleport to your plot on auto (/plot auto)
on-auto: true
# Add a delay to all teleport commands (in seconds)
# Assign `plots.teleport.delay.bypass` to bypass the cooldown
delay: 0
# Teleport outside of the plot before clearing
on-clear: false
# Teleport outside of the plot before deleting
on-delete: false
# The visit command is ordered by world instead of globally
per-world-visit: false
# Search merged plots for having multiple owners when using the visit command
visit-merged-owners: true
# Chunk processor related settings
# See for more information.
# Auto trim will not save chunks which aren't claimed
auto-trim: false
# Max tile entities per chunk
max-tiles: 4096
# Max entities per chunk
max-entities: 512
# Disable block physics
disable-physics: false
# Claim related settings
# The max plots claimed in a single `/plot auto <size>` command
max-auto-area: 4
# Relating to how many plots someone can claim
# Should the limit be global (over multiple worlds)
global: false
# The max range of permissions to check for, e.g. plots.plot.127
# The value covers the permission range to check, you need to assign the permission to players/groups still
# Modifying the value does NOT change the amount of plots players can claim
max-plots: 127
# Settings related to plot titles
# The big text that appears when you enter a plot.
# For a single plot set `/plot flag set titles false` to disable it.
# For just you run `/plot toggle titles` to disable it.
# For all plots: Add `titles: false` in the worlds.yml flags block to disable it.
display-titles: true
# Plot titles fading in (duration in ticks)
titles-fade-in: 10
# Plot titles being shown (duration in ticks)
titles-stay: 50
# Plot titles fading out (duration in ticks)
titles-fade-out: 20
# Changes the notification method on plot entry from Title + SubTitle -> ActionBar.
# The message still sent to the player is pulled from the lang key "titles.title_entered_plot".
# If you would like to still show the owner of the plot, append the contents of "titles.title_entered_plot_sub" onto the former lang key.
titles-as-actionbar: false
# If the default title should be displayed on plots with server-plot flag set.
# Titles will still be sent if the plot-title flag is set.
display-default-on-server-plot: false
# Settings related to tab completion
# The time in seconds how long tab completions should remain in cache.
# 0 will disable caching. Lower values may be less performant.
cache-expiration: 15
# Settings relating to PlotSquared's GlobalBlockQueue
# Average time per tick spent completing chunk tasks in ms.
# Queue will adjust the batch size to match this.
max-iteration-time: 30
# Initial number of chunks to process by the queue. This can be increased or
# decreased by the queue based on the actual iteration time compared to above.
initial-batch-size: 5
# Notify progress of the queue to the player or console.
notify-progress: true
# Interval in ms to notify player or console of progress.
notify-interval: 5000
# Time to wait in ms before beginning to notify player or console of progress.
# Prevent needless notification of progress for short queues.
notify-wait: 5000
# How lighting should be handled by the queue. Modes:
# - 0 - Do not do any lighting (fastest)
# - 1 - Only execute lighting where blocks with light values are placed
# - 2 - Only execute lighting where blocks with light values are placed or removed/replaced
# - 3 - Always execute lighting (slowest)
lighting-mode: 1
# If blocks at the edges of queued operations should be set causing updates
# - Slightly slower, but prevents issues such as fences left connected to nothing
update-edges: true
# Enable or disable parts of the plugin specific to using Paper
# Enable Paper's listeners.
paper-listeners: true
# Prevent entities from leaving plots
entity-pathing: true
# Cancel entity spawns when the chunk is loaded if the PlotArea's mob spawning is off
cancel-chunk-spawn: true
# Use paper's PlayerLaunchProjectileEvent to cancel projectiles
player-projectile: true
# Cancel entity spawns from spawners before they happen (performance buff)
spawner-spawn: true
# Cancel entity spawns from tick spawn rates before they happen (performance buff)
creature-spawn: true
# Check the tile entity limit on block placement
tile-entity-check: true
# Use Paper's async tab completion
async-tab-completion: false
# Enable or disable all of or parts of the FastAsyncWorldEdit-PlotSquared hook
# Use FastAsyncWorldEdit for queue handling.
fawe-hook: true
cuboids: true
clear: true
copy-and-swap: true
set-biome: true
# Confirmation timeout related settings
# Timeout before a confirmation prompt expires
confirmation-timeout-seconds: 20
# Backup related settings
# See for more information.
# Automatically backup plots when destructive commands are performed, e.g. /plot clear
automatic-backups: true
# Maximum amount of backups associated with a plot
backup-limit: 3
# Whether or not backups should be deleted when the plot is unclaimed
delete-on-unclaim: true
# Chat related settings
# Should the plot chat be logged to console?
log-plotchat-to-console: true
# Whether an action bar message should be send over a chat message for notification purposes such for the
# notify-enter, notify-leave, greeting or farewell flag.
notification-as-actionbar: false
# The click event actions that should be removed from user input in e.g. plot flags like 'greeting'.
# Actions like 'RUN_COMMAND' may be used maliciously as players could trick staff into clicking on messages
# triggering destructive commands.
# Used to format the plot creation date placeholder. Modifying the format does not affect the storage time.
# The date used formatted in ISO 8601
date-format: "yyyy-MM-dd HH:mm:ss z"
# The time zone used
time-zone: "GMT"
# Schematic web interface related settings
# The url of the backend server (Arkitektonika)
backend-url: ""
# The url used to generate a download link from.
# {key} will be replaced with the generated key
download-url: "{key}"
# The url used to generate a deletion link from.
# {key} will be replaced with the generated key
delete-url: "{key}"
# Schematic Settings
# See for more information.
# Whether schematic based generation should paste schematic on top of plots, or from Y=1
paste-on-top: true
# Whether schematic based road generation should paste schematic on top of roads, or from Y=1
paste-road-on-top: true
# If schematics that do not match a plot's size should be pasted anyway
# - This will still only paste a schematic with a plot's bounds.
# - If a schematic is too big, it will cut off, and if too small, will not full the plot.
paste-mismatches: true
# If the wall height should be taken into account when calculating the road schematic paste height
# - If true, will use the lower of wall and road height.
# - If true, will ensure correct schematic behaviour (no parts are cut off).
# - Set to false if you experience the road being set one block too low
# (only for road schematics created pre 6.1.4).
use-wall-in-road-schem-height: true
# Update checker settings
# How often to poll for updates (in minutes)
poll-rate: 360
# Only notify console once after an update is found
notify-once: true
# General settings
# Display scientific numbers (4.2E8)
scientific: false
# Replace wall when merging
merge-replace-wall: true
# Always show explosion Particles, even if explosion flag is set to false
always-show-explosions: false
# Blocks that may not be used in plot components
# Checkout the wiki article regarding plot components before modifying:
- "acacia_button"
- "acacia_fence_gate"
- "acacia_door"
- "acacia_pressure_plate"
- "acacia_trapdoor"
- "acacia_sapling"
- "acacia_sign"
- "acacia_wall_sign"
- "acacia_leaves"
- "birch_button"
- "birch_fence_gate"
- "birch_door"
- "birch_pressure_plate"
- "birch_trapdoor"
- "birch_sapling"
- "birch_sign"
- "birch_wall_sign"
- "birch_leaves"
- "dark_oak_button"
- "dark_oak_fence_gate"
- "dark_oak_door"
- "dark_oak_pressure_plate"
- "dark_oak_trapdoor"
- "dark_oak_sapling"
- "dark_oak_sign"
- "dark_oak_wall_sign"
- "dark_oak_leaves"
- "jungle_button"
- "jungle_fence_gate"
- "jungle_door"
- "jungle_pressure_plate"
- "jungle_trapdoor"
- "jungle_sapling"
- "jungle_sign"
- "jungle_wall_sign"
- "jungle_leaves"
- "oak_button"
- "oak_fence_gate"
- "oak_door"
- "oak_pressure_plate"
- "oak_trapdoor"
- "oak_sapling"
- "oak_sign"
- "oak_wall_sign"
- "oak_leaves"
- "spruce_button"
- "spruce_fence_gate"
- "spruce_door"
- "spruce_pressure_plate"
- "spruce_trapdoor"
- "spruce_sapling"
- "spruce_sign"
- "spruce_wall_sign"
- "spruce_leaves"
- "activator_rail"
- "detector_rail"
- "rail"
- "allium"
- "azure_bluet"
- "blue_orchid"
- "dandelion"
- "lilac"
- "orange_tulip"
- "oxeye_daisy"
- "peony"
- "pink_tulip"
- "poppy"
- "potted_allium"
- "potted_azure_bluet"
- "potted_birch_sapling"
- "potted_blue_orchid"
- "potted_brown_mushroom"
- "potted_cactus"
- "potted_fern"
- "potted_jungle_sapling"
- "potted_oak_sapling"
- "potted_orange_tulip"
- "potted_oxeye_daisy"
- "potted_pink_tulip"
- "potted_red_mushroom"
- "potted_red_tulip"
- "red_mushroom"
- "red_tulip"
- "potted_spruce_sapling"
- "potted_white_tulip"
- "rose_bush"
- "sunflower"
- "white_tulip"
- "cornflower"
- "wither_rose"
- "attached_melon_stem"
- "attached_pumpkin_stem"
- "melon_stem"
- "pumpkin_stem"
- "mushroom_stem"
- "beetroots"
- "brown_mushroom"
- "cactus"
- "carrots"
- "chorus_flower"
- "chorus_plant"
- "cocoa"
- "dead_bush"
- "fern"
- "kelp_plant"
- "large_fern"
- "lily_pad"
- "potatoes"
- "sea_pickle"
- "seagrass"
- "sugar_cane"
- "tall_grass"
- "tall_seagrass"
- "vine"
- "wheat"
- "bamboo"
- "anvil"
- "barrier"
- "beacon"
- "brewing_stand"
- "bubble_column"
- "cake"
- "cobweb"
- "comparator"
- "creeper_head"
- "creeper_wall_header"
- "damaged_anvil"
- "daylight_detector"
- "dragon_egg"
- "dragon_head"
- "dragon_wall_head"
- "enchanting_table"
- "end_gateway"
- "end_portal"
- "end_rod"
- "ender_chest"
- "chest"
- "flower_pot"
- "grass"
- "heavy_weighted_pressure_plate"
- "lever"
- "light_weighted_pressure_plate"
- "player_head"
- "redstone_wire"
- "repeater"
- "comparator"
- "redstone_torch"
- "torch"
- "redstone_wall_torch"
- "wall_torch"
- "sign"
- "skeleton_skull"
- "skeleton_wall_skull"
- "snow"
- "stone_pressure_plate"
- "trapped_chest"
- "tripwire"
- "tripwire_hook"
- "turtle_egg"
- "wall_sign"
- "zombie_head"
- "zombie_wall_head"
- "bell"
- "black_bed"
- "black_banner"
- "black_carpet"
- "black_concrete_powder"
- "black_wall_banner"
- "blue_bed"
- "blue_banner"
- "blue_carpet"
- "blue_concrete_powder"
- "blue_wall_banner"
- "brown_bed"
- "brown_banner"
- "brown_carpet"
- "brown_concrete_powder"
- "brown_wall_banner"
- "cyan_bed"
- "cyan_banner"
- "cyan_concrete_powder"
- "cyan_carpet"
- "cyan_wall_banner"
- "gray_bed"
- "gray_banner"
- "gray_concrete_powder"
- "gray_carpet"
- "gray_wall_banner"
- "green_bed"
- "green_banner"
- "green_concrete_powder"
- "green_carpet"
- "green_wall_banner"
- "light_blue_bed"
- "light_blue_banner"
- "light_blue_concrete_powder"
- "light_blue_carpet"
- "light_blue_wall_banner"
- "light_gray_bed"
- "light_gray_banner"
- "light_gray_concrete_powder"
- "light_gray_carpet"
- "light_gray_wall_banner"
- "lime_bed"
- "lime_banner"
- "lime_concrete_powder"
- "lime_carpet"
- "lime_wall_banner"
- "magenta_bed"
- "magenta_banner"
- "magenta_concrete_powder"
- "magenta_carpet"
- "magenta_wall_banner"
- "orange_bed"
- "orange_banner"
- "orange_concrete_powder"
- "orange_carpet"
- "orange_wall_banner"
- "pink_bed"
- "pink_banner"
- "pink_concrete_powder"
- "pink_carpet"
- "pink_wall_banner"
- "purple_bed"
- "purple_banner"
- "purple_concrete_powder"
- "purple_carpet"
- "purple_wall_banner"
- "red_bed"
- "red_banner"
- "red_concrete_powder"
- "red_carpet"
- "red_wall_banner"
- "white_bed"
- "white_banner"
- "white_concrete_powder"
- "white_carpet"
- "white_wall_banner"
- "yellow_bed"
- "yellow_banner"
- "yellow_concrete_powder"
- "yellow_carpet"
- "yellow_wall_banner"
- "brain_coral"
- "brain_coral_fan"
- "brain_coral_wall_fan"
- "bubble_coral"
- "bubble_coral_block"
- "bubble_coral_fan"
- "bubble_coral_wall_fan"
- "dead_brain_coral"
- "dead_brain_coral_block"
- "dead_brain_coral_fan"
- "dead_brain_coral_wall_fan"
- "dead_bubble_coral"
- "dead_bubble_coral_fan"
- "dead_bubble_coral_wall_fan"
- "dead_fire_coral"
- "dead_fire_coral_block"
- "dead_fire_coral_fan"
- "dead_fire_coral_wall_fan"
- "dead_horn_coral"
- "dead_horn_coral_block"
- "dead_horn_coral_fan"
- "dead_tube_coral"
- "dead_tube_coral_wall_fan"
- "dried_kelp_block"
- "horn_coral"
- "horn_coral_block"
- "horn_coral_fan"
- "horn_coral_wall_fan"
- "tube_coral"
- "tube_coral_block"
- "tube_coral_fan"
- "tube_coral_wall_fan"