Plot component presets


PlotSquared v5.12.0 introduced a new component preset system. The new system allows server owners to make component presets that players can then apply to their plots via a GUI. The GUI menu overrides player specific permissions. Thus, you can use the GUI to let players use components that they're not normally permitted to use.


The components available - and the values you can use - are the same as those in the /plot set <component> command.

Available components:

  • floor

  • wall

  • all

  • air

  • main

  • middle

  • outline

  • border

More information can be found here: Plot Components


The system is toggled in the settings.yml file under enabled-components. It is enabled by default.

Presets are configured in the file plugins/PlotSquared/settings/components.yml:

Messages are styled using MiniMessage. To preview the outcome, you can use a tool like MiniMessageViewer.

  - component: floor
    cost: 0.0
    pattern: '##wool'
    name: <rainbow:2>Disco Floor</rainbow>
    icon: yellow_wool
      - <gold>Spice up your plot floor</gold>
    permission: ''

This is a powerful system as it allows you to use the power of BlockBuckets to define block-patterns.


If a non-zero cost is defined and both Vault and an economy plugin is present, the GUI will charge using the in-game currency.


You can use any Minecraft material as the preset icon.


The player won't be able to see presets that they are not permitted to use. If the permission is set to '' (an empty string) then all players will be able to use that preset.

/plot components

The command for opening the GUI is /plot components and has the permission node plots.components.

Using this command will bring up the GUI menu, but only if the player is in a plot that they own.

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