Single plot area

This is a new feature added in PlotSquared v5.12.0, that allows you to create plots one by one inside of ordinary (not a plot world) worlds. The process is quite simple:


  1. Create a square/cuboid selection using WorldEdit's wand (//wand). The lowest Y value in the selection will be the plot height, and determines where you teleport by default, where the floor is generated when using /plot set, etc.

  2. Use /plot area single <name>, where <name> is a unique identifier. This will be used when teleporting to the area, etc.

  3. The area is now created.

When creating the area, PlotSquared saves a schematic which will be used when regenerating the area when using /plot clear, /plot delete and other regenerative commands. Thus, the plot can be cleared to restore it to its original state.

The plot area settings can be modified just like normal area settings.

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