Chunk Processor


This is a new feature, not a magical solution to all your problems. It is however very efficient, and will hardly leave a footprint when there are no chunks to process.

The chunk processor will process chunks before they are saved / loaded from disk. It is lightweight at the moment with the following capabilities:

  • Clear entities if a dangerous amount is detected

  • Clear blockstates if a dangerous amount is detected


The purpose of the processor is to:

  • Decrease server lag

  • Prevent potentially dangerous chunks being saved / loaded from disk

  • Prevent repeated server crashes from dangerous chunks

The usual causes of dangerous chunks are:

  • People abusing WorldEdit

  • People abusing VoxelSniper

  • Any other server-tool you have that can be used to spam entities / blocks


Configuration is done through the settings.yml

To enable the chunk processor, set the following:

  # Processes chunks (trimming, or entity/tile limits)
  chunk-processor: true

It can then be configured further, changing these values:

  # Auto trim will not save chunks which aren't claimed
  auto-trim: false
  # Max tile entities per chunk
  max-tiles: 3
  # Max entities per chunk
  max-entities: 512
  # Disable block physics
  disable-physics: false

If the tile entity / entity limit has been reached, the chunk processor will remove the entities that exceed the limit when the chunk is saved. It will also prevent players that don't have /plot toggle worldedit enabled from exceeding the limit using WorldEdit.

When the chunk processor is activated, players will not be able to use tile entities as a part of the plot components when using /plot set.

If using Paper, you may also enable tile-entity-check under the paper components. This will prevent players from placing new tile entities when the tile entity limit has been reached in that particular chunk.

For more information about tile entities see: + (Or do a google search.)

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