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Why should you switch to PlotSquared?


  • Async: clear plots more than 800 times faster than PlotMe
  • Plot auto doesn't lag or crash the server
  • Much faster chunk generation, plot moving, swapping + everything
  • Supports huge plot sizes (e.g. 1024x1024 of custom terrain)
  • Works with hundreds of thousands of plots

Reduce lag

  • Plot purging and old plot removal
  • Optional dynamic world border and world chunk trimming
  • Mass plot condensation
  • Redstone clock prevention
  • Mob limiting


  • You can safely allow redstone, tnt without worrying about lag, griefing from sand cannons, pistons, tnt, ...
  • You have a reliable WorldEdit / FastAsyncWorldEdit restriction
  • Chunk and WorldEdit processor to prevent lag, crashes and data corruption
  • Lots of redundancies. e.g. Backup your database with /plot database, or if you loose both, you can still recover based on plot sign information.


  • Add amazing roads schematics and plot schematics to existing worlds
  • Easily change the message color scheme
  • Titles (entry notifications)
  • Per plot time / weather / music via plot flags



  • Plot merging
  • Extensive flag system (~100+ flags)
  • Plot clusters in normal worlds
  • Augmented generation (e.g. Vanilla, Islands, TerrainControl)
  • PlotSquared Web interface
  • Plot approval system
  • Donut shaped plots (or any shape symmetrical about x=z)
  • FastAsyncVoxelSniper support
  • Plot component percent composition control
  • Biome generation inside plots
  • Dynmap
  • and much more ...